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Our Easter Tree Tradition

We started having an Easter tree last year.I wish I could say it is for Emma’s sake only but it would be a lie. I love putting it up and decorating it, so it is for my sake as well as hers :-). I love Christmas trees and since last year at Easter we had such a cold spell, with snow and stormy weather, it seemed appropriate to have an Easter tree too. Which proved a bit confusing up to a point but hey, that’s another story… Last year Alex found a tree branch which had been cut off and we decorated that as our Easter tree. This year we decided to upcycle our optic fiber Christmas tree and use it instead of a real branch. Works a wonder and on dark evenings we have the option to light it up, a bit weird but looks lovely when sitting with a cup of tea in the living room. My decorations have been exclusively bought from bargain shops, as you can see in the picture, at …

God of everything!

I have honoured my Romanian inheritance in my last post.
This post honours our time in Northern Ireland and its great singers. Ryan Griffith used to sing in my old church and his songs bring me closer to God every time I hear them.
So now take a moment and say thank you to Jesus for what he did on the cross and be reminded of all Jesus is: “amazing, glorious, God of everything; far beyond all understanding,measureless…”