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Visiting grandparents and routine chaos

We made it safe to Patra to my in-laws. The seven-hour journey went better than expected as Emma fell asleep at her usual time and woke up only for half an hour when we arrived in my in-laws house around 1 a.m. What really didn’t go well(and it never goes well, every time we have visited them in the summer) was the afternoon nap. It must be the heat or the excitement of seeing them or the change or…but Emma goes from perfect sleeper to crazy sleep-deprived maniac when we come over.  I have been wrecked after a cold and two nights of going to bed at 2 a.m. and have been soo looking forward to having a siesta today,especially since the temperatures soared to 40 Celsius. No such luck for me but…I tried EVERYTHING to coax her into sleeping  and so did her dad, from speaking softly to making threats to leaving her in her room for 10 minutes to cry it off to pretending we were both asleep to taking her into our bed to… Nothing worked and it made me realise what a strong willed child I have. She is the sweetest kid but when she falls off the sleep wagon she goes it with gusto. I got a glimpse of what she’s going to be as an adult: determined, fearless, undefeated. I love all these traits in her and I know they will make her go far in life but when it bring us head to head it’s less pleasant…

Anyway, she did a full shift today from 8 a.m., had a meltdown at the beach after she swam with Papou for undetermined reasons and finally clocked in unsolicited(almost) at 10.30 p.m.

We are taking off for our couple break in the morning so all I can hope is that she is going to fall into rhythm again for her Giagia and Theia who will be looking after her. Next post will be from Zante/Zakynthos. Talk to you tomorrow, have a lovely rest everyone, I know I sure will!!

One of my favourite pictures of Emma form when she was a baby.





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  1. Don’t worry all kids are the same.Every time we go home my LO goes to sleep late.
    Have fun on your little holiday xxx

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