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Rejuvenation, reconnection and reflection time

There are three reasons I always look forward to our “time away” as a couple.
The first is rejuvenation. We get time to sleep and awake according to our natural body clocks, time to enjoy a few meals uninterrupted and time to sunbathe without worrying about armbands, sunscreen and routines.

We also get to reconnect with each other. We don’t get a lot of quality couple time at home because there is always work, computers and tantrums to get in the way. I especially treasure drives as a couple as I can speak to Alex about things that have been on my mind, about books I’ve read and we get the time to plan the future, short and long term…
As an introvert I especially appreciate my reflection time during our breaks. This is for me precious time when I allow myself to switch off completely from worries,cares and miscellaneous. This is the time God uses to speak to me about the future, giving comfort, guidance and encouragement. During our last couple retreat my blog prayfully came into being.
Well, that’s me clocking off now. Time for more precious relaxation.
Wishing you all a lovely evening, talk tomorrow!

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