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Mama’s Visit

Okay, I have been lazy and haven’t posted for while but it was all for a good reason. We had mum visiting with us for almost two weeks and our mission has been to make sure mum had the time of her life.

We took Mum to visit places of interest to her: a day trip to mount Athos and visits to Thessaloniki’s old catacombs.

We encouraged her to try new things: gyros(a much yummier version of kebab!), wonderful home made sweets from as many zaxaroplastias(Greek sweet shops) we could and a swim in the sea had been on our to-do-list!

Most importantly, we allowed her to spend time with her granddaughter and re-acquaint with Emma as a little girl full of stories, opinions and love for her Bica.

Mum left today and we feel our  mission has been achieved in its most important task: Emma begged her till the last moment to stay with us as there is room for her here! There were tears and sadness but more important, there were memories created that will stay with us and soothe us till it’s time to meet again. Yes, life is a continuous series of hellos and goodbyes but as long as we have precious moments to hang on the wait to the next reunion is not that sour…

But we wish you could stay here with us mum, there is room for you here…

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