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#21 Days of Gratitude

I found out about this challenge launched by Inspired by Family Magazine only today so I will post on gratitude until the 21st of November. Or who knows, maybe once I get the hang of it, I will do my own 21 days?

Anyway, this is what I am grateful for today: a God that loves us enough to challenge us out of our comfort zone. We had a meal with friends on Friday night and the conversation that followed reassured me of a few facts:

1. when God takes away our comfort crutches it’s because we have made out of them more than we should have had. These can be different things for different people: a business, a home, financial comfort; not bad in themselves, these things become a hindrance when we become secure in them and not in Him.

2. when God makes you uncomfortable, rejoice. He is growing you up, challenging you to draw near to Him. The outcome will be NOT your comfort restored(as you knew it) but a new comfort in the knowledge that He can pull you through the impossible.

3. when God takes things away from you He will replace them with things He considers you need to have: budgeting wisdom, joy in small things, wise friends and a revelation of the destiny you were created for. I am still waiting on the latter but I rejoice in having small things(like my daughter blowing bubbles in her Starbucks drink below) and wise friends.


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