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#21 Days of Gratitude:Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it, first of all! I know that following my Halloween post you might consider me totally against imported holidays but I am not. I am totally against nonsensical, scary holidays who introduce our children to witchery and  monsters when they’re too young to discern for themselves. On the other hand, I am totally for holidays that teach children to be thankful to God and to their parents. It’s a good life lesson.

I didn’t learn this lesson when I was young.

This summer God used a book lent to me by a good friend(Who Switched Off My Brain, by Caroline Leaf) to shed light on some grey areas in my life. He showed me my life had been, up to that point, anything but full of thanksgiving and gratitude. My attitude had been poor as I always wished for “better” things: a better house, a better husband, a better figure, a better church…And you know what? Once I got what I wished for, there would have been ALWAYS something better to wish for.

And then God started to take things away and teach me that everything I had was better than nothing. I still struggle, my friends. I still wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what I could do better in order to get a job, get my hubby’s attention, get an answer from God…you GET the point :-).  But I am learning to take things as they are and not fret over working only for 2 hours a day and spending another 2 in Funky Monkeys watching my little one play and make friends. Over waiting on God’s timing. Over admitting I don’t have all the answers or the power to do what I wish I could do.

So, today I am thankful:

1. for a healthy child(as you recall, Emma has been sickly for the first two years of her life and I totally rejoice that this winter she has stayed clear of coughing and colds).

2. for a faithful hubby. We went through the mill these last three years and if not for his faithfulness, we could have drifted apart many times.

3. for good results following painful experiences. Once we admitted we needed help, God brought people in our lives to teach us His truth. Now God is using that experience to connect people and I am excited about what could possibly come out of this.

4. for you, my blog readers! Many friends have written a wee note or approached me to say they have been following my blog and that they enjoy reading it! Thousand thanks, your words encourage me greatly as I realise that I am being heard and that I can use my voice to bless and shed light and bring comfort to other people’s lives.

Once again, happy Thanksgiving, may it become an attitude in our lives more than a holiday in the American calendar!

Grateful for food, sunshine and a lovely family!


  1. lovely! I couldn’t agree more – a holiday which is all about giving thanks should be celebrated everywhere, by everyone 🙂 Have a great (thankful!) day!

    • Da, Ionela, domnul Thodoris mi-a recomandat-o. E in voga la ei in biserica, poate o poti imprumuta de la el?Au si studii biblice traduse in greaca dupa carte.xx

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