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On baking bread

I have been musing over half a year on the possibility of adding another dimension to my blog. I love cooking, I have said it before and I love counting calories(not that I use my knowledge in keeping my weight down!) so I am going to launch two new categories of posts: cooking easy meals and cooking light for your family. If you like them, let me know. If they inspire you to cook healthier for your family, even better.

Today I will post my super easy recipe of soda bread. When I first moved to Northern Ireland Alex encouraged me to take some cooking lessons and the recipe comes from there. But I have adapted it a little bit so it’s foolproof and delicious.

I use:

  • 500g self-raising soda flour
  • almost half a pint of buttermilk,
  • 25 grams of butter
  • about half a jar of sun-dried tomatoes(I buy mine from Home Bargains for about 69p per jar).

Put the flour in a big bowl, mix the butter in(with your own wee hands or if you have kids, let them make a mess of themselves). Add the chopped up sun-dried tomatoes, the milk and a pinch of salt. It will be a bit sticky so use some of the oil from your sun-dried tomatoes to get the dough off your fingers. Mould it into a ball, cut it in quarters, place it in a non-stick pan.

Put it in the oven for about 40 minutes at 180 degrees.

Check if the bottom sounds hollow after 40 minutes. If so, it’s ready to be devoured!!

Note: I use one of them lazy silicone pans to bake it in. Non-sticking and very easy to clean afterwards. I haven’t been paid by Home Bargains to write this post but their pans are the best value for money, I think I paid £3 for mine.

Here is a picture of my soda bread from last Saturday. Let me know how you liked yours if you make it!


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  1. Hooray , Oana! This is great. I am just finishing the blog post where I am talking about your Facebook post about this bread that inspired me to make some myself. Now I can link it to here!.Blogging about food is awesome !

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  3. Buna Oana, in California nu avem self-raising soda flour, stii cumva cu ce as putea sa o inlocuiesc? banuiesc ca este o combinatie de rye flour si bicarbonat de amoniu dar nu stiu proportiile…Mersic,

    • Reteta mea zice de fapt soda flour simpla, asa ca daca gasesti soda flour si lapte batut ar trebui sa-ti iasa fara probleme. Succes!

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