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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 6 – Book Giveaway

Good news on all fronts, friends! My weigh-in this morning, after only 6 days of the health challenge? A kilo lighter than last weekend!! I know for sure that this is due to not having had almost any bread this week and giving my body time to get rid of all the sticky gluten from my gut. I had cravings for it, I won’t deny it, but usually I tricked my taste buds by having one bite of bread when it got really bad. I also ate much more fruit (some I love, some-like bananas- I had to almost force them into me) and veggies and drank loads of healthy teas and water. I don’t expect to be losing a kilo a week for the rest of this challenge but it is definitely an encouraging start!

Another thing I wanted to make you aware of is that I am trying to increase my exposure on Facebook so I have set a wee challenge for this week: to get to 100 likes. Once I reach it, I will be blessing someone with a lovely book giveaway, just to encourage them to eat a bit healthier too :-). I have decided on The Diet for Food Lovers by Jennifer Irvine because it seems like a well-rounded diet book and a good place to start when trying to go for a healthier lifestyle. I discovered it in the local library the other week and it gave me loads of meal ideas and snacks, like combining fruit with nuts to feel fuller for longer and it doesn’t make you feel you are on a restrictive diet, which I would very much dread to find in a healthy eating book.

So why don’t you pop in on Mama’s Haven Facebook page and like us there as well, if you haven’t already? You may be in for a lovely surprise if you happen to be the lucky 100!

This evening dinner is inspired by Jeniffer Irvine’s book. Chicken marinated for a full 12 hours with turmeric, garlic and chilli powder, cooked in the oven and served with a side order of spicy aubergines and rice? Yum! The only complaint I have with her book is that there is no calorie table for every recipe so I will have to do my own maths again. Oh well…

Bon appetit, everybody!

This is day 6, there are only 34 days left of this healthy living challenge!!


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  1. Wow,well done Oana.You will reach your goal in no time. Feel free to post anything on my FB wall or FB page. When I started building mine I used to post a lot of pictures and quotes on pages with similar content and it worked.I used to do 4 -8 posts a day .In the mean time keep.up the good work. sending you big hugs

    • Thank you, Iva! I approached a couple of mummies but they weren’t very friendly back. I will keep trying, I am sure there are blogging mummies(like you) who are friendlier. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Just remembered to tell you about eating bananas. Do you wait till they are ripe and have brown spots?That is when they taste amazing( to me anyway). Also if you make them as a part of a fruit salad might be easier as

    • Yes, Iva, I think I will include them into fruit salads from now on. I find it hard to swallow them, for some reason,otherwise 🙂

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