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Healthy Living Challenge:Day 7-Healthier Alternatives

I am using the few minutes left of Emma’s afternoon nap time to pass on my own burger recipes. Burger, you will say, isn’t this supposed to be one of the highest in saturated fat dinners you could have? Actually no, not when you make yours out of lean breast meat turkey, add a little bit of Cheddar cheese and absolutely no extra oil or fat.

Alex loves them and I started making them in the summer in Greece because there were so many fresh flavours I could add to my burgers! Mint, fresh peppers, feta, hot chillies, fresh eggs…could you actually keep that a secret from Alex, he doesn’t really like eggs :-).

Once we were back in Ireland I had to come up with other flavoursome ingredients to satisfy our tastes buds. It helped to find people who love good food and blog about it, like Things My Belly Likes, writing about their own versions of a tasty turkey burger so after taking some more ideas, adapting and blending I came up with these babies. I will let the photos speak for themselves :-). Oh, the jar without any labels contains my mum’s zacusca, a veggie winter mix and it’s yummy!

We usually eat them in a bun but since my healthy living challenge I serve them with salad and nothing else.





How they look raw

How they look raw

Ready to munch on

Ready to munch on

This is already day 7, there are(can you believe it?) only 33 days left of this healthy living challenge. There is still time to join in, you know?

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