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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 8 – Dieting and socialising

I am sure you missed me yesterday, everybody, I did miss you too but last night we had a rare night out seeing old neighbours and friends. We were lucky enough to find a babysitter for Emma, our friends managed to put ALL their four kids to bed by 9.30 and we had a lovely evening eating Chinese and debating whether Oscar Pretorius killed Reeva Steenkamp.

Chinese, you say, I can hear you ask, almost hopeful…Is that supposed to be good for you when dieting? Eeeerm, nooo…But we tried what we thought would be the least damaging to our waistlines and ultimately, our health. We got two portions of chicken and black bean sauce and two portions of boiled rice to share between the four of us. We drank water and tea. And we still managed to have a good time.

Bottom line? You can still see friends and socialise at the weekend as long as you keep your portion size under control, choose the least fatty/sugary options from the menu and…you find a pal to share your takeaway with :-).

P.S.- just in case you were wondering, yes, we concluded Oscar Pretorius did kill his girlfriend. It took us about an hour to go over all the info provided by newspapers and television but we couldn’t explain why he felt the need to shoot four times through a locked door when his girlfriend was nowhere in sight, among other things. We assumed that, like in many relationships, there were relational patterns that only the two of them knew and understood and that lead to the tragic denouement. There, case solved!

This is day 8 of this healthy living challenge, there are only 32 days to go!


You can still enjoy a treat, once in a while, but watch your size portion and fat content!

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  1. Thats nice.I missed you and I thought,that you have gone on a city weekend holiday somewhere :-).Its brilliant Alex is so supportuve.Well
    P.S.I think he killed her,too.

    • We were suposed to, actually but other things came up and oh well, we can go next weekend, I suppose. Alex has been on the healthy boat for almost three years, it’s more like we are both in the together finally for him 🙂

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