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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 21 – Pinocchio…belly

pinocchioDear friends, I am more than half way through my challenge and I have my good days and my bad days. Yesterday was a great day in everything except my wheat avoidance.

I had a busy morning cooking a healthy meal for my family but in the process I made a couple of nutritional mistakes. I left it for too long to have a snack in the morning. Then what was supposed to be my snack (a lovely veggie omelette) became my early lunch. Then by three o’clock I was in work. And hungry. And I had a slice of bread. The scenario sort of repeated itself later in the day and by the evening I was feeling and LOOKING very bloated. And I knew it was the bread. And I thought of poor Pinocchio who every time he told a lie had an inch nose growth :-). I was the very same, an inch belly growth with every slice of bread.

Needless to say, rye bread supplies have been replenished in the house and today is a new day, with less opportunities for mistakes of the sort.

This is day 21, the countdown has started and there are only 19 days left of this healthy living challenge.

Have a great, healthy eating day!



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  1. I dont know how was in Romania,but in Bulgaria I was broutht up to belive ,that any food made from wheat is sacred.We even compare bread with a human soul when is freshly baked is soft and comforting. Our relationship with food starts very early in our lives,so any new habits take time.You havedone so w ell so far. sending you big hugs and love

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