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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 20 – Health on a plate


Today it was “leftover” day in our household. I had made my turkey burgers and quinoa salad from yesterday evening so all I had to do is make a fresh salad of organic lettuce and tomato and my dinner was ready.

I am always experimenting with my food so last night I  added a thin slice of Gruyère cheese into the burgers and it melted when warmed up today. Delish! I had also more confidence in making the quinoa salad second time around and realised that a cup does us just fine and nothing goes to waste, which I hate seeing.

Hubby enjoys my food more than ever, he had always been a healthy eater but he just loves trying new things and he got spoilt in the last three weeks.

Well, this is day 20, there are exactly 20 more days left of this healthy living challenge and I am heading for the kitchen to make myself a fruit snack as I got hungry again after out very healthy dinner at 6. Talk tomorrow!

P.S.- Tonight Emma had my turkey burgers for the first time. She doesn’t really mind spicy food(and they were quite hot!) and she didn’t realise there was Gruyère cheese in them which means this was the first time she had Swiss cheese as well!! I am so pleased out healthy life style is slowly, slowly including my little one as well!


  1. It’s amazing, the new “delicious” I experienced when eating healthier. I must have been numb to the natural attributes of food before lol.
    Continue strong!!

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