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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 19 – A New Woman on Mother’s Day

Oh, yeah, and my weight keeps dropping!! It must have been the post-traumatic shock, the fact that the insurance company decided the car bumping on Thursday was actually my fault (hubby says it’s my crappy phrasing when relating the incident) and the fact that I didn’t sleep much since, replaying it in my head but the good news is that I am down to 68.1 kilos as from this morning!! Wow, three kilos in less than three weeks, I never imagined when I started this healthy living, wheat-free challenge that I will see results this quickly! I have started to see results in the way my jeans fit and in my face. I still have a wee pouch belly hovering over my jeans line and my arms are still chubby but my aim is to get a flat belly and beach-ready arms by the end of May.

I am still nauseated every time I think of the traffic incident and for the first time since I started my healthy living challenge I had to have an afternoon nap to get my head sorted…

Not dwelling on the negative, let me wish all my mummy friends a very happy and relaxed Mother’s day, hope you get spoiled loads and those Tesco’s flowers better be fresh :-)! Because you deserve it. And much more!

I have received mine already, Emma made me a lovely card in playgroup, hubby got me flowers and took Emma out this afternoon and my mummy sent me a lovely wee card all the way from Romania. I am not a gift person so for me the thought that went into buying the flowers and making the card suffices as it communicates attention and love.

This is (a slightly nauseating) day 19, there are 21 days left of this healthy living challenge. Keep it lit, as the Northern Irish folk say :-)!



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  1. Well done ,Oana ,you are well on your way to your beach body.So happy for you.Sorry,that the insurance people are causing you all that worry.I am sure you had your best intentions and I pray for all to work out well.Enjoy Mother’s day ,yourself.sending big hugs

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