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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 18 – Car crash and pizza

This was an eventful day I am glad to see the back of.

After work I drove into an industrial estate in Belfast to pick a DHL package (with more healthy goodies!!) but on the way out got crashed into. I had Emma in the car on the side that was hit but thankfully she was sleeping and  never became aware of it even. It was a minor crash and no-one was injured but my passenger door is jammed now and opens with a painful crack and my bumper is askew. Bummer!

So no healthy dinners tonight, hubby took us out for pizza at Pizza Express. I had their light version, Legerra with Pollo because it had only 500 calories but found it heavy after almost 3 weeks of eating only healthy food.

This is day 18, there are 22 days left of this healthy living challenge and I hope tomorrow everybody who drives by will stick to their side of the road 🙂





    • Thank you, Iva! I took 73 driving hours in my day so I know how to exit a roundabout with my eyes closed 🙂 Unfortunately, the other girl must have taken less hours…We are good, my car is croaking but and will have to be taken into repairs. thanks for the kind words.xx

      • Anytime. ❤ I have been in your car many times , you are a brilinat driver.The main thing is, that you are all fine and I am sure Emma loved her pizza 😉 The car can be fixed. xxx

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