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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 17 – Easy Dinners. Again

I was going to call this post Damned 69 ( a figure I associate with a lot of psychological distress) because my weight went up by 300 grams to 69 kilos this week and I was really pissed off this morning. But I suppose this things are normal when you try to lose weight and as long as I eat the right things a change IS BOUND to happen sooner or later.

Anyway, these days I have been quite busy trying to run the house and various errands, see the G.P. over my strange back pain and keeping everyone happy. In consequence I had to come up with quick, satisfying but healthy dinners.

I know you know I am Romanian. As a Romanian I was raised with dishes and ingredients that people here turn their nose to. Take chicken livers, for example. I love chicken livers, pork tongue, bovine brain…okay, I know I grossed you out, sorry. Yesterday I felt like having chicken livers. I had some free-range ones in the freezer from my butcher. I fried them in the pan with coconut oil once defrosted. This is the first time I do it with coconut oil and was pleasantly surprised by the delicate taste it infused into the livers. Livers are a versatile but very simple dish and all you need for seasoning is salt, a bit of pepper and some rosemary. I make them into a meal by adding boiled potatoes into the pan once the livers are cooked. Voilà!! A dish in half an hour. Oh, if you thing you need some convincing to eat liver, check out what the Butter Believer thinks about it.

Today was another busy day so I opted for chicken breasts marinated in Nando’s sauce that I cooked in the oven for a change and lentils. I used this recipe for inspiration because it was the easiest I could find online but I added some flavour into it by cutting an onion and stewing it in coconut oil, water and Indian spices. I usually use half a tablespoon of each spice: turmeric, coriander powder, cumin powder and cumin seeds along with a cube of garlic and one of chilli(Tesco’s frozen brand), a couple of cardamom pods and a bay leaf. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, it’s simply throwing everything together in a pot, letting the spices infuse the onion for 5 minutes and then adding a cup and a half of green lentils with enough boiled water to cover them. Lentils are thirsty pulses so keep an eye on them and add water until they start going soft and don’t forget to season them with salt(or a stock cube). Another half an hour meal ready!

This is day 17 of my healthy living challenge, there are 23 days left and I hope I have inspired you to live a bit better! Keep up the good work!


Spicy chicken, Indian lentils and Romanian cabbage salad 😉

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Mum to one beautiful girl on earth and one sweet baby boy in heaven. Privileged carer. Encourager and friend.


    • Thanks for the encouragement, Otilia! One step at the time, good job with your casserole tonight!xx

  1. Dont be so hard on yourself,Oana.It seems that there is a lot going on ,so just focus on all the amazing new things,that you are doing.Hope your back gets better.sending you lots of love

  2. ionelaangelo says

    Nu cred ca ai luat in greutate daca zici ca nu te-am abatut de la program. Cred mai degraba ca ai retinut lichide. E firesc!
    Eu sunt dintre persoanele care nu mananca ficat de nici un fel decat de pui. Iti sugerez un alt fel de preparare daca vrei sa eviti prajitul. Pui ficateii intr-o tavita. Intr-un bol amesteci: 1 lingurita mustar, putin ulei, cateva picaturi de suc de la o lamaie, oregano, coriandru, putina sare. Amesteci bine si pui peste ficatei. Eu pun in tava si o foaie de dafin ca sa “absoarba” mirosul/gustul de ficat 😀 Dai la cuptor si in 20′-30′ e gata.

    • Sa stii ca la asta nu m-am gindit, eu de obicei fac piept de pui la cuptor ca sa nu prajesc dar la ficatei chiar nu m-am gindit. Data viitoare o sa fac, cu gindul la tine :-). Pup

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