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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 16 – Plan your week ahead

Remember I was telling you about my positive grocery shopping experience the previous week in Holywood?

Well, we did it again last Friday and for me it was an opportunity to plan my meals for this week. No, I am not one of those women who does fish on Monday, chicken on Tuesday and Thursday and roast on Sunday with religiosity. For me it’s more a matter of having enough in the freezer and the cupboard to put together healthy but simple meals for the following seven days.

We are also slowly transitioning towards an all-organic menu, at least when it comes to our fruit, veggies and eggs. I decided to set up a weekly order with the organic farm in Helen’s Bay and look forward to using my creativity and putting to good use our seasonal produce.

You don’t need to spend crazy money to eat healthily. I am still experimenting on how to do it optimally on a decent budget but I would say ordering your fruit and veg from a farm and  buying your meat from the local butcher would be the first step. Buying your “side order fillers” from the health store shouldn’t be too costly either as you only need a couple of bags of healthy pasta or alternative grains a week.

Just to demonstrate what I am preaching here, this week we will be having mainly chicken (free range, bought from the butcher) as a main; our veggies should be here by mid-week and should provide me with enough salad for my mid-morning snack and enough variety as accompaniment to our evening meals. I have bought amaranth from the health food store last Friday and that will make a great mid-week salad/side and will be our new grain to test this week, after quinoa and millet!  Oh, I almost forgot treats there! I was asked yesterday how I keep my sweet cravings at bay. Well, I normally don’t have an issue with sweets anyway(I have a rather savoury tooth myself) but for the times I need an energy boost I have bought this “healthy” granola mix with no sugar added of which I take about 30 grams with coconut milk. Perfect fix for around 150 calories!!

Well, my friends, this is day 16 of my healthy living challenge, there are 23 days left and I feel well prepared to face another week! What about you?


Some of the ingredients I will be “working with” this week.



  1. You would love the stuff from the farm.Its great you are trying all these amazing grains . I am looking forward to hear your verdict on amarinth. sending love

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