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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 24 – Juicing Phase

Okay, so I felt I needed a change and I decided to start juicing this week. I don’t agree to excessive juicing or surviving only on veggie and fruit juice as this can actually put too much fruit sugar in your system at once. But a glass or two a day could only benefit me, especially on the days I am too busy or lazy to eat my fruit.

Today I was reading this detox book and since I had most of the ingredients mentioned there I decided to put them in the blender. I used beetroot, two small pears, an apple and half a banana. I added ginger juice(kindly provided by a good friend), wheat grass powder, spirulina powder, half a teaspoon of my immuno-build green powder(it contains stevia and I find adding more than half a teaspoon sickening) and a handful of fresh basil leaves. Hey, pronto, the result was an energising, tangy and refreshing drink I drowned in the blink of an eye!

Well, this is day 24 of my 40 day healthy living challenge, have a great week and take my dare to try at least one new food this week! Talk tomorrow.

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  1. Juicing is great , Oana. I absolutely love it, so as the smoothie. I would be lost without my jucer and blender durring the raw detox.If you like beetroot try making fresh beetroot and pineapple juice. Its amazing! P.S Stevia is about the only plant I hate :-), well done for taking some ! xxx

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