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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 33 – Slacking is losing

Yes, you guessed it, I did slack during the Easter holidays. Ate cake. And munched at Emma’s Easter eggs. And enjoyed butter and cheese.

And now I have put weight back on. I am back to 68.5. Darn…I have lost the bet with myself and I am slightly irritated at my lack of resolve.

Oh well, back on the horse, I suppose, I can’t let setbacks put me off my goal. Which is in sight: 65 kilos by the end of May, when we leave for our holidays!

Stay healthy, talk tomorrow!


I made sure that chicken didn’t cluck by the end of the day and now I have to live with the consequences 🙂


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  1. Never worry too much,Oana at least you know what works for you.I am sure you will get there,as you have shown us before.Only 3.5 kg to lose you are nearly there. It could be also fluids and this cold weather refusing to go away.hugs

    • I know, Iva but can’t blame anyone but myself, I suppose. two months should be enough to get there, anyway :-).xx

      • Oana,you are a beautiful healthy woman and a great mum.You`ve nothing to blame yourself for.Weight comes and goes , the main things are your intentions and that you are doing your best.sending love xxx

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