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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 34 – New Healthy Family Habits

The weather has been nice last week and we took up some new habits. A long walk by the beach with Emma in the pram then a stop in a local child-friendly restaurant with a small play area for herbal tea and play time. We did it three times last week and it worked really well as mum and dad got some time to chat while Emma made new friends and kept busy playing.

I really look forward to going to Greece. I have missed the blue sky and the daily walks I took with Emma in the morning. I intend to keep up the good habits and enjoy daily morning walks with my girl(and hubby, on the days he will be off) and plenty of healthy, fresh, straight from the market food.

On the other hand, I am still 68.5, guys…this is my third plateau and the hardest to budge out of…I have done everything right last week, from drinking pots upon pots of herbal tea, eating only lean meat and veggies, avoiding wheat and so on…I do have a suspicion that the lack of healthy fat from my diet(I have eaten less coconut oil and avocados lately) may be a contributing factor. I have also had less regular bowel movement despite the abundant fluid and veggie intake which I find strange. Any ideas on what could cause this would be much appreciated.


One happy little girl: she doesn’t need much, just the blue sea and a juicy peach!

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  1. Yum, all this fresh produce and blue sky to look forward to.Its gonna be so nice to take a walk in sunny day .I can just feel the hot sand and the water…….
    For your weight loss how do you feel about adding some good foods for your gut like beetroot,celery,probiotics.Why dont you also increase the amount of vegetables,it could be a case that you are not eating enough calories.
    Hope that helps.sending love

    • Yes, Iva, I haven’t had beetroot and celery in the last two weeks, great ideas! What about probiotics, which ones do you take yourself?xx

      • I take Advanced Acidophilus Plus vegetable capsules every now and again in a smoothie,got them from the health store in Belfast,but you can get them on Amazon.I have been reading about fermented foods as well recently,as I used to have them in Bulgaria and might give them a go.
        Yes,beetroot,celery,some olives,spring onion and white broad beans makes a nice salad.Season with basil,olive oil and some salt and

  2. ionelaangelo says

    Ceaiuri verzi/negre provoaca constipatie. La fel si stresul.

    • Ionela, de stres sa stii ca chiar nu stiam ca provoaca constipatie! Acum trebuie sa-mi dai reteta de cum sa nu ma mai stresez, ca mereu sint pe fuga si cu stres sa le fac pe toate. Si bine.

      • ionelaangelo says

        hahaha 🙂 Daca aveam o reteta antistres o aplicam demult la mine… 🙂
        Da, e adevarat si din pacate mi se intampla. Sambata am urmarit o emisiune la tv despre legatura dintre sistemul digestiv si stres. Medicul a zis ca stresul poate provoca si constipatie (in afara de arsuri la stomac, ulcer).

  3. oh hon you are doing so well! i wish i was as light as you! i have about 30 kg to lose to be like you 😦

    • Oh Otilia, I am sure you know what I’m talking about. I know how I used to be, want to go back to that and I’m not going fast enough. I have no patience, that’s what it is!xx

  4. yourlifetube says

    Hello Oana,
    Sometimes the expected results don’t come quickly. The fact that you don’t see any result on your scale, doesn’t mean that you did not achieve anything. Maybe you have burned fat and not weight, or your body has fluid retention. Don’t be disappointed. Eat foods from all the food groups in small amounts, 5-6 meals a day and exercise to keep your metabolic rate high. Avoid to do the same work out routine and the same meal plan. Keep going!!

    • Yes, Elena, thanks for the reminder, I know…I hope I have burned fat, I ought to really, not a sweetie has passed my lips this week and still :-). Thanks for the encouragement.xx

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