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My curious George little monkey

Emma loves watching TV and DVDs when she needs to wind down and as we’ll be away the whole summer I have started to think about DVDs we could bring with us. I have already bought a mini iPad and started to download educational apps that are meant to keep her busy during our travels and then during our long stay in Greece.

So when I saw this competition launched by Tots 100 that involves winning a bundle of curious George DVDs I knew this would be perfect for us. Emma loves George and can’t have enough of his clever adventures and silly fun.

So here is a picture taken last Saturday of Emma and daddy enjoying a cheeky ice-cream in the rain. Oh well, I assume it tasted even better, despite the rain, by the look on their faces 🙂




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  1. Hope you win. What are the rules? can i vote for you? xxx
    PS. Its gonna be so good , you are going to food heaven and proper sunshine. 🙂

  2. My son LOVES Curious George too. It’s a love affair that has lasted several years – he’s 7 now. His sister tells him it’s for babies but he doesn’t care. I admire the patience of the Man with theYellow Hat. I would have lost it a long time ago!

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