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Our good news

Well, first of all, hello, my blog friends. I have been stranded in Greece for the past 7 weeks with no internet connection and means to keep in touch with you.

But I hope you forgive me especially since I have some good news.

After two years of coaxing, reasoning, threatening, arguing, pleading and praying hubby finally decided to give me the best present a girl ever got: a baby!!!

Yeap, I am 15 weeks pregnant, hormonal as it can be, struggling with my thyroid issues but over the moon. My Emma will not be an only child, thank goodness! She will have a mate to play with, practice her negotiating skills with, fight with and love in a selfless way. Someone who will bring balance, not only to her egocentric little world but to our family life as well. It’s equals numbers now, as well, as the scan showed clearly it will be a boy so the hormonal levels will hopefully even out in our household :-).

So my health challenge dash weight loss is suspended for obvious reasons but I will get back to it once baby is born in January. I intend to do a pregnant-lady-health-challenge once we go back to Ireland in a couple of weeks (honestly, did you really think I could ditch the Greek sweets and yummy home cooking just to keep abreast with my blog 😉 ??

Here is a picture of our Bubba. We haven’t decided on names yet. We were, the three of us, certain that it’s gonna be another girl so the names we had chosen had to go. Emma and hubby are debating possible appellatives. We’ll let you know, once we agree on one…


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Mum to one beautiful girl on earth and one sweet baby boy in heaven. Privileged carer. Encourager and friend.


  1. Oana, I am so happy for you.A baby boy is a true gift indeed. You are a true hero in my eyes to be able to cope with your hormones, but we all know its all worth it at the end.As a mother we all do things, we never dreamed possible.Sending you a big hug , Enjoy the rest of your holiday and make the most of it !
    P.S So happy to see you blogging again, I missed you 🙂

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