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Some Lost Boys and A Man With A Golden Heart

I have recently signed up for Bloggers Required, a network for brand blogging assignments. I never imagined that my first assignment would be not a job that remunerates in pound sterling but in  sterling hearts, if I can say so…

The Lost Boys is a project initiated three years ago by  Joost Vandebrug, a nosy London  photographer and filmmaker, who started out as many others do when it comes to  Romanian social projects. Curiosity, a sense of civil duty or perhaps a dare-devil attitude. But what was born out of an impulse at the time ended up catching his heart forever (Romania and Romanians have this “talent”) and three years on he is trying to raise awareness about a small group of boys he has come to love, help financially and allowed to shape his existence forever.

Joost is at the moment trying to raise funds and awareness about these five boys. With the help of the DUST magazine, “a biannual photography magazine about youth related existential themes” and through their Kickstarter project, Joost is hoping to publish a book containing precious pictures he has taken throughout the years of these boys.They have managed to raise £7,939 out of the £10,000 needed for the publishing of the book. So if you’re a bit nosy, if your motivation is pure curiosity, a sense of civil duty or even a dare-devil attitude, please click the link above and pledge anything your heart tells you to support this project.


If you’re a Facebook freak, like me, head on and like Joost Vanderburg’s page, I am sure he will appreciate your presence and support there as well!

But most importantly, don’t forget that all these efforts, the fundraising, the publishing of the book and its further promotion and the sales that would ensue have the ultimate goal to help a handful of forgotten-and-shunned-by-society boys live a better life. Here is your chance to change authentically and for the better the lives of these five boys!



In conclusion, I will let the video footage speak on their behalf…may your hearts be moved!



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