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Christmas Baking: Melomakarona

For me, Christmas in Greece equals two desserts: Kourabiedes, which featured on my blog last week and got me an order from as far as Greece (!!) and Melomakarona, or walnut syrupy biscuits.

So this week I decided to try my hand at the latter, to the delight of my Greek hubby. I had made them before, the first year we were married but must have used the wrong recipe as I found them hard to get right and stopped making them!

This time I used this recipe from I found it pretty straight forward, once I managed to convert my cups into grams, that is :-). I did make a couple of silly mistakes, like using brown sugar instead of white and ended up with a runny mixture instead of a creamy goo but hey, all is well when it ends well, right? And it did, as you can see from the picture:

Baking 029Kali orexi, as the Greeks you say!


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    • He is, Otilia but he is also very specific on ingredients and stuff, which can be a bit of a pain sometimes πŸ™‚

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