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Heroes of the City Giveaway

Well, I hope you have enjoyed your winter holidays so far, that you have received (and given) what you were meant to and that the first hours of 2014 found you rejuvenated, relaxed and ready for a brand new and exciting year ahead!

New year, new exciting things for our blog, definitely! The second day of the year and we are honoured to host our first giveaway ever! A couple of weeks ago we were offered the opportunity to review Heroes of the City Movie App and we were sent a lovely toy car and book package with the heroes featured in the games to give away to a lucky boy(or girl, why not?)


I was curious on how Emma would take to the app, given the fact that she has been downloading only girly games so far onto our mini iPad and this app seemed geared mostly for boys, with fire engines, police cars, boats and airplanes featured as main protagonists.  The game is bang on designed for children her age and I am happy to say that during the holidays and all our car trips Heroes of the City app has been among her favourites and the games kept her entertained for hours on end. There are also 26 short movies she is yet to discover so hey, a pretty good app to have on your tablet if you have small ones in your family!

You can find the app here:



And since I hate rafflecopters and consider the method an artificial and unreliable way of raising one’s likes and follow numbers on Facebook and Twitter, I will make this giveaway pretty straight forward. Just leave a comment below telling me who would be the lucky child to receive this were you to win it. In a week’s time, on the 8th of January, I will put the names into a random picker and choose a winner. How is that?

Feel free to share the giveaway with your friends, if they have small children you want to bless with a new toy and book. Good luck, don’t forget to leave a comment!

P.S.-this giveaway is open for UK residents only. We have received the app to download for free, no cash or other forms of remunerations were received.

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  1. katie skeoch says

    my gorgeous nephew would love this 🙂 cars and trucks are his favourite toys !!

  2. Emma Wellman says

    I would give it to my Nieces as they are always using my phone for games and they would love this would be great to see a smile on their faces.

    • Emma, they don’t get the app, I’m afraid, just a DVD and a couple of cars. Hope that will keep them occupied still!

    • Hi Emma, did the wee draw and you were the winner, congrats! Could you please contact me with your address in the next few days?xx

    • Good luck, Lynsey, it’s good to hear there are still girls out there that haven’t succumbed to the magic of Barbie only 🙂

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