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Word of the week: PATIENCE

As you might have read in one of my previous posts this week, I have decided to focus on a couple of words this year and seek a genuine transformation with God’s help and daily assistance.

As goals the two words are magnificent but I do believe that breaking it into weekly tasks would make even a greater impact as each week brings its own particular challenge and would need specific focus.

So for me, this week’s word has been PATIENCE, related in particular to this pregnancy. I am ready to have this baby, oh, soooo ready, and I found myself stressing over what would be a perfect day for him to come, praying (read attempting to manipulate through prayer) that he will come out on the days Alex is not working too far or too late…etc. It sort of started to rob me of my peace of mind and joy over this delivery so this morning I decided to just…let it go. Into wiser and safer hands. God’s.

I also need bags of PATIENCE with Emma as I went back to not sleeping properly once I came off the antihistamines ( I am not supposed to have them too close to my due date) and I get these massive energy crashes in the afternoon, while Emma wants my attention. Not easy…

I am linking into the new Word of the Week linky over at The Reading Residence, do join in the challenge!

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Mum to one beautiful girl on earth and one sweet baby boy in heaven. Privileged carer. Encourager and friend.


  1. Sounds like you really need this right now. I hope you manage to draw on it with Emma, and that you do let go so you can enjoy the new baby’s arrival x Thanks for linking up with #WotW

    • All I can do is let go, this baby won’t come out anyway even if I fret, will he :-)? Love the idea of your linky, I will try and do it every week.xx

  2. This is a word that resonates with me too. I hope your peace of mind continues and you can look forward to your delivery with joy and excitement xx

  3. We could all use a bit of this 🙂 I can imagine needing it a bit more at this stage in pregnancy too lol. Best of luck; I hope the timing works out!

    • Thank you, Nina, I took a step back and I am leaving it all in more able hands :-). Took all that pressure away, so much more relaxing now!xx

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