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Keeping the time

I am a punctual person. Actually, if you want to stress me out completely, just give me an appointment and not enough time to make it in time for it! I am the sort of human being who knows EXACTLY how long it would take to get from A to B, mishaps, possible traffic and delays carefully considered. Also, as a driver, I would know PRECISELY the perfect route for your type of morning. Slightly delayed? Take the dual carriageway, but not after 8.55, as there are trains going past around the time. Leisurely paced?  The top road but try and avoid the North Road, schools and possible delays there…

It took hubby a while to get used to me and my way of being, especially since he is the exact opposite! He leaves everything for the last moment, and I mean, the last! If you lived next to us, you would see him permanently dashing through the door, harassed look on his face and all. If you lived with us, you would have to get used to strange things, like him running upstairs several times before we leave the house, to retrieve lost keys/phone/grocery bags. Waiting for a good 10 minutes for him to finish “one last urgent thing” on his laptop and sometimes, well, him making sure he will NOT need the toilet when he’s out :-).

The difference between us? Wearing a watch to keep the time.

Hubby is adverse to wearing anything that encumbers his movement, he can’t even wear a wedding ring as “it catches in things.” He bought himself a couple of watches in the seven years we have been married but he chose them for decor rather than practicality and managed to break or lose them within weeks :-).

I can’t live without my watch. I still remember the first watch my parents got me as a primary school-end of year-well done-present and how I wore it until the straps literally fell apart. How as a young wife my favourite Christmas present would have been, you guessed it, a watch! How at some point I had one to match every outfit (I know, the vanity!). And most of all, the lust I felt during my summers spent in Switzerland while out window shopping and admiring all those gorgeously precise Swiss watches and their beauty, elegance and variety!

I thought I had grown wiser with time, since I have worn modest and moderately priced watches since I became a mum. But the whole lusting thing ignited again today when I had a came upon  The Watch Hut website and found myself fantasising about their gorgeous watches! Here is one of my favourite ones:


I love the colour, the sparkly bits, the size…Oh, you know what? I have heard people talking about eternity rings and other trinkets gifted to wives when they give birth. I wonder if hubby would consider a watch as a possible “birth gift”? I will have to find a moment when he doesn’t dash towards one thing or another and ask him :-).

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  1. That’s a beautiful watch Oana, I am sure you will get it as a present. It is pure and timeless.
    When it comes to being punctual I feel, that for me becoming a mother has been one of the biggest challenges to get where I am meant to ,without going frantic and stressed. I used to have a habit of arriving everywhere early, but that is long gone. I feel I have come a long way, the boys are getting better and my charm works most times. 🙂

    • I think it is a pressure mums feel once playgroup/school runs start even more than before. I try to pace myself but don’t manage every day. I love being on time as I associate it with respect for the other.xx

    • I think it’s the Greek curse. Or laid back choice of lifestyle. Depends on how you choose to look at it :-). I find it a bit of both at times!xx

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