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Living Arrows: You are Loved

This is the first time I am linking into the Living Arrows project but I love the idea behind it and the Kahlil Gibran’s poem with the same title reflects so much my parenting view and philosophy.  I am linking into it rather late into the week also,  but hey, rather late than never. I am linking into it as I stand on the brink of change, with another baby ready to pop out any minute now(hopefully!) and I feel the need to capture somehow the emotions, feelings, fears and excitement of these moments.

I am also linking into Holley Gerth’s Coffee for Your Heart although I really struggled with the theme this week (You are Loved) and decided to bring into it the parenting perspective.

So, here we go, beautiful girl, you are now 4 and two months and you make my heart sing every time I take the time to sit down and observe you. These last few months, from September, when you started your drama and ballet classes, your imagination blossomed. You seem to find rest in playing imaginary games, you always need to pause after a trip in town or a long morning in playgroup and just play princess games. You do it quietly, so quietly and gently that sometimes I can hardly hear the conversations your princesses have. Not that those conversations were meant for my ears, anyway…

You have become a very sensible girl, eager to help when you can, with small things like making the beds and unloading the cutlery from the dishwasher. You are a girl, alright, as you can gauge my moods and limits from miles away and usually would offer sensible advice like “You go and have a rest now,mummy, you will feel better afterwards.”

But you are a strong-willed little madame too, when need be and say hilarious things like :”Mummy, you always boss daddy and me around.” When rules seem nonsensical to you, you challenge me and ask questions about their fairness. I am still winning at the moment, but just about, little clever one 🙂

You look forward to your little brother’s arrival. You were patient and kind and at every clothes’ shopping trip you remembered him and tried to pick something nice for him: an outfit, a toy…

You are smart and understand things I understood much later in life, like the rotation of the earth or how digestion works but you are so very innocent in so many other ways and I love you for it! The other morning your daddy and I were wowing about possible stretch marks on my tummy and you rushed out of the room, shouting “Call me when he’s out!” You see, you still think babies literally pop out of their mummies’ bellies and you just couldn’t stomach the possible sight :-). I had to reassure you this gets done in the hospital and the baby won’t spill out on you any time soon.

We look forward to see you grow and develop in your new role, as a big sister. But even when you will struggle, with jealousy and fear, even when we will struggle with sleepless nights and exhaustion, please know, little one, you will still be very much loved. I keep reminding you the fact these days, hope it goes deep into your heart and will sprout out patience and grace to us and reassurance to you whenever you will need it.

You are loved, little one!

Here you were playing planes going to Greece with your ever patient daddy

Here you were playing planes going to Greece with your ever patient daddy


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  1. This is just beautiful. Emma is an amazing young girl, I awe at her kindness and sensibility every time I see her. You have done so incredibly well so far and I am sure you will do an amazing job once the baby comes. sending love and may all go well for and baby

    • Iva, she was gifted to us, that’s why I felt I needed to add this post to the Living Arrows. I am doing my best but she is not entirely the result of my efforts, she has been gifted from above this way and we are blessed to have her :-).xx

  2. I absolutely love that poem by Khalil Gibran (well his whole collection actually!). He nailed it. I’ve copied that poem in calligraphy and have given it to other parents as a card when they were expecting their little ones.

    • It is a beautiful poem,isn’t it? I am glad I found this linky and like-minded mummies who share the view! Thanks for stopping by, Nina.xx

    • Oh, thank you, Victoria, he is here, looking forward to finding the time on Monday to write a wee post on the new addition 🙂

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