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Books you love

I was truly hoping to be able to share with you pictures of my newborn today but he is taking his time. I am now overdue, with an induction planned for Sunday the 26th if he doesn’t show up until then. So I will use the opportunity to write one more post about the little girl only.

Little one, you have been a passionate reader from when you were no age. Here is you at four months, you couldn’t even sit but you were ever so eager to decipher that book (which mummy fortunately has kept and will be passing on to your brother in due time.)

DSC04672As you grew and developed, so did you taste in books and since you LOVE going to the library we have a weekly habit now of going and getting fresh books which you devour every time.

These past few weeks you have been reading a number of books that reflect so well the stage you are at right now:

1. Alice The Fairy is your ultimate favourite, you have read it so many times that you know it by heart and can proudly “read” it to daddy when he puts you to bed. Your favourite bit is when Alice uses sugar to transform breakfast into cake, probably because you have a very sweet tooth yourself :-). The book was given to you by dear friends who had outgrown it and it has proved the best present ever!

images2. Now that you will be going to school in September and we have been talking a lot about your new school, the routine and the new teacher and friends, you have taken to Starting School, by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. You have had the book from the library for more than two weeks but you have no desire to return it just as yet. You use it for your creative playtime and “read” to your ever so obedient HippoHips and Piggy.

starting_school3. The last one is very new, you only got it this weekend. You have a very inquisitive mind and love learning about how things work, new places and new customs, as the picture below shows so well.


So when I was offered this week the chance to review a book about Anisha’s Adventures in Bangladesh with you, I knew it would be spot on, since you already have shown great interest in TV programs about Africa and always ask me questions about the customs and clothing of our friends in Pakistan. You loved it, as I had expected, took it to their house to show them the dresses in the book that are like their mum’s and auntie’s dresses and was very eager to “read” and share the story with them. A great read for which mummy is grateful to the kind people at My Little Big Town! I am looking forward to the next books in the series, as I know you will be interested in learning about other faraway places in the world.

Cover-AnishasAdventures-260This is my weekly post to the Living Arrows and the Mondays Parenting Pin It Party linkies, why don’t you head over and see what other mummies have to say about their lovely offspring?


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  1. Eliza would love the Alice the Fairy book. We had Anisha’s adventures but found it a bit old for her

    • Emma got it from friends from Canada but I saw you can get it on Amazon. As for Anisha, she has grasped some things, some she will probably later on.xx

  2. Ah you can’t beat reading to babies, making it part of your daily routine from when they are first born pays dividends when they are older 🙂

    I hope labour comes soon for you and the induction isn’t needed x

    • You say it so well, love the dividends comparison! As for induced labour, I wouldn’t fancy it but at least I look at it as a final destination now, Sunday and no further :-)!

  3. These books look lovely. Reading with babies and younger children is such an experience. Hope your little one comes soon xxx

    • Thank you, Vicki, we really enjoy books in our home. You are kind, hope I will be able to post pics of the newborn very soon 🙂

  4. cassfrugalfamily says

    It’s great when children love to read – we try and encourage it as much as possible in our house x

  5. Hope your new arrival doesn’t leave you waiting too much longer! Books are so important aren’t they. Sounds like you have some lovely ones.

    • I hope so too, it’s getting a bit heavy now, my bump :-). I have always loved books myself and am thrilled to see my little one being similarly inclined!xx

    • Thank you, Astrid, she really does and I hope my list will help other mothers in channeling their little ones curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

  6. Sarah says

    She looks engrossed with the book in the first picture! Hope your new little one is with you soon x

  7. We Love books in our house. J has been ‘reading’ since a very early age. Lovely to see your little girl enjoying books too.

    • Books are the best presents Emma has received, much better than sweets, toys and even clothes as they tend to be used many times over and benefit her greatly!

  8. Fingers crossed for your new arrival making an appearance soon! And thanks for the book ideas, I totally forgot about Starting School! Definitely one I need for F x

    • It’s brilliant, gives them a head start and makes those first days in school less daunting, I hope 🙂

  9. Nothing better than reading to them when they’re babies. Our 3 YO absolutely loves books as a result. I don’t know these ones though so I’ll have a look. Best of luck over the coming days, look forward to hearing your news 🙂

    • Charly, keep them as ideas for next year, the three year old may find them a bit too advanced (not the fairy one but the rest maybe).xx

  10. Aww this took me back to when my eldest was little. Right from the off, he too was a bookworm and I used to love the time we spent every morning before breakfast, lounging in bed together with books 🙂 Hope to hear some baby news soon! xx

    • Oh, those days are a haze but the moments we shared reading have stayed imprinted in my memory forever, just like they did for you. Hope to be able to deliver soon, pics of cute baby, that is 🙂

  11. So nice to see people really enthusiastic about reading. My little girl has the same crinkly book as shown in the first photo and I love watching her try and disect it!

    • I loved that book and am happy I kept it, as we will be able to use it for the little man, once he gets of age 🙂

  12. craftsonsea says

    What a great sounding book! Hope you have some news for us soon, good luck! 🙂

  13. Love this post and the books. We love all children’s books in this family. I am always trying to find new ones to buy and read to my two little ones. Will have to check these out.

  14. Ah the Ahlbergs they are truely fantastic – we had The Baby Catalogue which was just a collection of photos, beautifully drawn ones, and it captivated my kids from a young age to a much older age than I thought! Thanks so much for joining in with the Parenting Pin it Party xx

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