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Review: The Weekend Box

Last week Emma was sent an Weekend Box to review. The idea behind it is ingeniously simple: you get a box which contains four different crafts and activities for the children to do over the weekend.

The four activities you can expect to receive in the box(although they vary every week) fall into the following categories:

Something to Cook

Something to Make

Something to Explore and

Something Green

I am not at all craft inclined, if anything, I am actually craft-challenged and every opportunity I get to use anyone else’s ideas (and be provided with the necessary material!) gives me a thrill and brings an incredible sense of relief πŸ™‚

Weekend box and eggs 006Emma got straight into it, as soon as she got from playgroup and we first took a good look at our activities, then she got to choose what she wanted to do first:

Weekend box and eggs 007She went for “something to make” and we had a delightful time using coloured sand and glue to create tulips and an Irish gold pot :-). The activities come with step-by-step, easy to follow instructions and everything you need for them is provided in the box. Actually, we had plenty of glue and coloured sand left which we aim to use during the week to make more pretty pictures!

Weekend box and eggs 009On Sunday mummy was feeling a bit tired so daddy took over and together with Emma decided to go for the “something green” activity. This time Emma needed more assistance from daddy as the activity included building a mini-bird feeder but she relished the moments spent with him, as you can tell from the picture:

Weekend box 010We have kept “something to eat” for the last as Emma is a picky eater and the activity challenges her to try something new: potato boats with plenty of seasoning(provided in the box) but I have high hopes that since she will be helping me make them that she will give them a taste.

The lovely people at The Weekend Box have decided to bless my readers with a generous discount, should they decide to give the product a try.

A unique promo code was set up for my readers – if you would like to try out your very own Weekend Box the code will get you the first box for free (including free delivery)!

The unique promo code is OANA52 and can be redeemed at

Also, as an extra special bonus for you, my readers, during January AND ONLY with the unique promo code provided above, anyone signing up to Weekend Box will also get ALL future boxes for just Β£5 each (normally Β£7.50).

I do encourage you to give them a try, they provided opportunities to connect and learn for both Emma and us :-). If you do, please let me know what you thought of them!

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  1. A great idea, making a little bit of time to do things with kids is always worth while, but takes effort, so to have it all to hand is brilliant.

    • My sentiment exactly, I do have the desire but never have any inspiration as to crafts. Brilliant when they are provided like this to you!

    • Yes, so do we so I was really pleased to be given it to review. I might use the offer and get a second one for the baby days ahead of us!

  2. Sounds like a great idea. I always find as soon as I get a bright idea that we end up missing some vital piece of equipment, so it totally by-passes the problem of parental incompetence!

    • There is also the toucanBox, I have inquired about reviewing them as well, they seem to be for older children, have a wee look and see what u think.xx

  3. These are a wonderful idea. I love to do crafts with my kids but it isn’t always easy to think of something different to do with them

  4. We have been using these boxes too and found them good!
    I love the pic of emma making the bird feeder with her dad – its great to see dads getting involved and doing crafts too!

  5. Sarah says

    What a lovely idea – I love that it has so much to do in it – and the box is pretty cool itself πŸ™‚ x

  6. emmysmummy says

    Emmy enjoyed her box. I’m thinking it maybe a good thing to take on holiday as a wind down activity

    • Kara, have a go at them, first box free with the code provided and see what you think of them yourself!xx

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