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Living Arrows-4/52

And then…there were 4!

If you have missed our wonderful news, baby George Yannis was born last Wednesday morning at a very respectable weight of 3.975 kg or 8.12 pounds!

That our world has changed would be a gross understatement. We have had to readjust, remember, retrain and regain strength for what is going to be a long race to toddlerhood.

Now, you little girl, have become a big sister and you are as good as gold about it. Mummy used to put you to bed every night but I have only managed one night since baby was born and you didn’t really fuss much over daddy taking over.

You try and help but sometimes your efforts go unappreciated. Like when you brought you big HippoHips, you favourite cuddly toy, to give comfort to Georgie and I had to explain about the risks of smothering. It didn’t really go down very well and mummy ended up apologising and explaining that she is new at this job and she can make mistakes..

I didn’t take many pictures of you this week, little one, but I am going to use one from a few weeks back that portrays quite well your position at the moment: quite shaky on your feet as a big sister but ever so willing to learn and getting all the support you need from your loving daddy and myself.

January 2013 013

As for you, wee man, you are a treasure to have around. You love napping during the day but the nights are a different story. It is normal, the experts say, and mummy keeps you close as much as she can and gives you cuddles and milk to comfort your transition into the outside world. The picture below shows you as the most relaxed baby ever and mummy believes it’s a trait you are going to keep and bring into our family, to balance the female hormones a bit 🙂


This post is my weekly contribution to the Living Arrows linky and my own way to keeping memories of my two precious little ones.


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  1. ionelaangelo says

    Succes in noua aventura, mami! Aveti niste copii minunati!!! 🙂
    Nu esti doar o luptatoare ci si o invingatoare!!
    PS. Bunicul Yannis tre’ sa fie tare mandru… 😉

  2. congratulations!!!! aww – he is lovely! hope they both grow up to be close and have lots of great sibling fun moments together

  3. VaiChin says

    He is gorgeous! Congratulations to all of you, especially to big sister x

  4. Congratulations – and welcome to the world George Yannis. Very proud daddy, big sister and mummy I am sure. Beautiful pictures – thank you for sharing your wonderful blessing with us x

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