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Product Review: Jasinski, a shop with a difference

imageGuys and gals, as you may know, I am a stay at home mum since the beginning of the summer. Hubby works extremely hard to not only provide the necessities but to ensure we have above and beyond. For which I am grateful. But also have felt guilty over for ages.

So at the end of this summer I decided to give blogging a real go. I have had this blog for the past two years nearly but I was using it mainly as a form of release. Then, in September, I decided to use it as a source of income. To supplement what hubby brings in. And more importantly, to feel worthy and useful as a partner and mummy.

I was thrilled when, approaching lovely Dorota from the ethical Jasinski for a review opportunity, she agreed to send over a couple of products for the children to try. The excellent service didn’t stop here though. Dorota was in contact several times, giving me an option of organic material, pattern and product.

When the leggings arrived(we received two pairs, one for big sis and one for little man), I was delighted with the soft feel, the quality of the stitching and the colours. Emma wanted to change into hers straight away and made point of wearing them proudly for several days.

I admire people like Dorota, who in the middle of a consumerist and as cheap as you can get society still believe in quality products, work and ethical sourcing.

Please give her some love by visiting her online shop:

And do follow her on Twitter @Jasinskishop and support a rare bread of clothes ‘producers who still believe in craftsmanship and quality.


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