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Word of the week:Breakthrough

It has been a roller coaster week for me, as it is expected when having a small infant in the house. What made it even more challenging was realising  that my breast milk had dried up due to stress and not eating right(couldn’t find the time!), having to put Georgie on formula, switching to a lighter one which made him literally squeal for a day and then, switching back to SMA and seeing my wee son settling down nicely, with only a couple of unsettled periods at bedtime and in the morning. Which we solve by putting him in his pram and and rocking him to sleep. So for me it feels like major BREAKTHROUGH, not having a baby in arms 24/7, getting longer stretches of sleep(last night he did a 4-hour one and then a 3-hour one but was sort of grizzling on and off after 5 a.m.)

My mum is also coming next week and we managed to get bunk beds in Emma’s room yesterday so Bica and Emma can share a room. I really look forward to having my mum here, she will be taking over the cooking, the laundry and the baby holding so I can rest, bliss!!

Emma has started going to a childminder this week and has enjoyed it but is anxious about doing two full days next week as it is half term. I hope she will settle and accept the idea by Monday morning and that she will have loads of fun with her new wee friends. I feel relieved she is going because she gets to play and go to the park and jump in muddy puddles and her TV time has reduced drastically, thank goodness!

And since it is Valentine’s day, I have used Cupid to shape my word of the week and I use the opportunity to wish you a very happy day, with loads of love and laughter!



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  1. ionelaangelo says

    Ma bucur ca lucrurile merg din ce in ce mai bine cu Georgie si mai ales ma bucur pt tine ca iti vine mami acusica.. 🙂
    Sanatate la toata familia!

  2. mummytries says

    Congratulations on your breakthroughs hon, sounds like you really needed them. Hope you have a great time with your mum xx #WotW #PoCoLo

  3. What a week! Glad to hear you are getting longer sleep stretches! And enjoy getting a rest when your mum comes – well deserved! X

  4. Kim Carberry says

    Sounds like things are much better…..Hope things continue this way 🙂 x

  5. Fantastic, Oana. So glad you’re getting some help soon. And yes, school is awesome for when you have a baby in the house. That way they actually get to do kid stuff instead of just lounging at home weeks on end.

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