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Mini iPad cover review

Finally, new post on the blog, the last week has been a bit rough and I have barely found time to eat, let alone blog. But I do miss it so and I am glad to be back with a couple of cracker products to review!

I was sent TWO mini iPad cases in the last couple of weeks to review. I found both brilliant, easy to use and visually pleasing but they are certainly aimed at a different age group clientele.

The first one was sent to us by Mr Nutcase. We were actually given a voucher code in order to redeem a free mini iPad case of our choice and offered free postage as well. Since it was just before Valentine’s, I decided to go for the Heart Confetti, Mini Ultra Light Weight Slimline Case. The Ultra Light cases retail at £19.95 and as I mentioned above, postage is free. I was impressed with the fact that the order was processed within a few hours and the cover was on its way before the end of the day. I loved the smooth feel and the screen protector that came with it but I was very nervous letting Emma using the iPad since there was no front cover and she could have easily dropped it as she was walking about the house with it. Definitely the case for young professionals, teenagers who look after their stuff and generally, child-free households.

7d0 confeti

The second case we were offered, the KUJALI Classic iPad Mini Cover,  is by far my favourite for a score of reasons:

1. It is the sturdiest iPad case I have seen on the market.  All four corners are safely protected by a tough PC shell and an additional layer of silicone to give you the peace of mind,extremely necessary when entrusting your gadgets to small children! The external, stylishly sleek black leather case, with a velvety red interior, will not make you feel awkward when using it out and about as it certainly does not scream “kiddy iPad cover” as you would fear from a child-friendly product. We were actually amazed with my husband by how sturdy the case looks and we were tempted to shock test it. We resisted the temptation, obviously 🙂

2. As you maybe remember from previous posts,I have a heart for children in difficulty and children less fortunate than my own and this was one of the reasons I wanted to review the KUJALI case. The founder of the company, Marc Day, thinks within the same charitable lines and has committed that for every case sold, the company will donate a mosquito net or a life-saving treatment to protect a child in Africa from malaria. Now, this is definitely another good reason to buy the case, knowing that your purchase will make a life of a difference to a child in need!

3. The case sells reasonably on Amazon for £26.99, half of its initial retail price, making it, in my opinion, the best deal in terms of quality vs. price mini iPad case on sale.

4. The case is versatile enough to allow both children and grownups to use it safely and stylishly!

Kujali iPad Case



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