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Living Arrows-11/52

001I think this picture sums up the last couple of weeks for us: sibling acceptance.

Emma, my love, you continue to love your brother fiercely and are ever so proud of being his older sister. You are always around when he needs changed, eager to help if he cries, offering toys or suggestions to mummy if he seems uncomfortable.

You haven’t slept very well for the past few weeks and I can’t tell if it’s your mind still processing the changes that have occurred in our family, your daddy being away last week or just the brighter days…Hope it settles soon, as you are either grumpy, tearful or a bit cheeky when you haven’t had your proper sleep…

But you have come to accept your Bica’s presence in the house and take comfort in her arms sometimes. Or spend hours “working” alongside at the kitchen table. Here is you doing your “homework”, you are so ready for school and so eager and Bica doing her crosswords.


Georgie, the medicine you have been taking for more than two weeks now seems to have kicked in. Ever so slowly your sleep has got better and you are doing longer stretches at night and are not as unsettled during the day. But mummy still finds it a bit tough, a war of nerves, as I call it, trying to put you to sleep many, many times a day while doing everything else in the house. Good thing Bica is here and she is renowned for her patience, have no clue what we will do when she goes home at Easter. Hope you either learn to sleep through it or do without sleep…

I am linking this to the Living Arrows, as I believe as parents we are” the bows from which our children are sent forward”(Kahlil Gibran), responsible for their material, spiritual and emotional well being.

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  1. Older siblings ROCK. I couldn’t have coped without my eldest who was 8 when the twins were born. Way to go Emma, how lovely that you are helpful and enjoying having a baby brother.

  2. emmysmummy says

    A lovely post. I love the one of the kids together. Looks like he is searching for a feed

  3. Ah – beautiful! I’m not sure how my son is going to cope with a sibling later in the year, I hope he settles to it well!

  4. So glad the meds are kicking in. You will all do just great come Easter. You’re doing amazing lovely already x

  5. Gorgeous family and love how accepting Emma is of her brother. Oliver was the same at first then came envy which is normal, things are slowly improving though. Thanks for linking up to #brillblogposts

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