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Living Arrows – 16/52

It has been ages I linked to the Living Arrows. Actually, it has been ages since I wrote anything decent on my blog. So, here is a rusty attempt at it!

Emma, since I last wrote about you, you settled a good deal! It helped that you stopped going to the childminder, it was explained to me by experts that you were feeling kicked out of your own house by your little brother, I am sure that didn’t feel very nice!Daddy and I made conscious efforts to spend time with you alone, so that you feel reassured of our love. Here is us having coffee in Belfast, while Bica minded Georgie at home:


You are happy enough to play on your own once you get home from playgroup and your Bica is constantly in awe of your games and the richness of your imagination and play! These last couple of weeks you were home, as you had your holidays, and she was able to enjoy seeing you around, being part of your coffee shop “clientele” and simply bonding with you! She will be missed, she is heading back home on Sunday, I am sure your room will feel empty without her in the morning!

Georgie, you settled a good deal too but just when we thought you were heading the right direction and did a couple of nights of 9.30 to 1 and the 5.30, you started waking up again ridiculously often, sometimes even up to 8 times a night! We put it down to some sort of colic/ wind issues and we truly hope things will settle soon for you. And for us too :-).

Otherwise, you are a lovely wee boy, smiling loads and interacting with us. You love being held, love cuddles from your sister and falling asleep close to mummy and this week, you managed to hold a toy in your hands, for the first time! Well done, son! You will turn three months tomorrow, where does time fly,ha?

10268694_10151984271276512_7726407780479882251_nI love both of you, even if I am still tired most days and grumpy. I know that things will settle soon  and we will be into some sort of routine, sooner than later but until then hope you guys will be able to tolerate me a bit more :-). Proud to be your mummy!


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  1. Sylvia says

    Lovely post! I’m sure they’re proud of you, even grumpy you 😉

  2. pixiemamablog says

    beautiful photos – hope you get some more sleep soon 😉

  3. cassfrugalfamily says

    Aw they’re so cute but it really is hard work having two at that age isnt it? I remember being exhausted constantly for months but then suddenly it just got better x x

  4. Lovely to write your memories while they are fresh, be wonderful to look back on, and I am sure you will soon be getting more sleep and feeling back to yourself! (Speaks the woman still getting woken up by a two year old…..) x

  5. Glad she’s feeling happier with things now you’ve been able to glimpse into her world, but sorry he’s gone a little haywire with his sleeping in the process. I’m sure it will all come together soon!

  6. Aw this is a lovely post and I love that top photo, your daughter looks so happy and settled. And I’m so with you on the sleep front!! 🙂

  7. You have two cute children. It can be hard making sure one or both don’t feel pushed out, but it sounds like you’re doing a great job,

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