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Hubby’s Fantastic Prawn Pasta!

018Let me start by saying that the picture doesn’t do the recipe justice. At all, like…

Hubby started making this recipe last summer in Thessaloniki. With fresh from the open market, to-die-for prawns. He would have made it at the weekend, when he had the time. Cause, you see, he is Greek and Greeks don’t mess up with food! Food is as important as family to them and it gets as much attention in detail and preparation!

It takes him hours to make it because the sauce involves a lot of simmering and adding of delicious ingredients.

I finally coaxed it out of him this morning, so here goes:

– A dash of olive oil, add a finely chopped onion and fry until translucent(not brown, never brown, folks!).

– A knob of butter then your tomatoes. Half fresh, about 3-4, half canned, a can. Add them to the onion.

– Simmer the sauce with bahari(a Greek spice mentioned in Politiki Kouzina), cinnamon and a drop of honey for 45 minutes. Add a drop of water every 5 minutes or so.

– “Sauce needs to taste cooked tomato, not raw when it is ready!

Now for the prawns:

– Marinate them separately with salt, pepper, chopped tomato and olive oil.

– Simmer them on low heat for about 45 minutes as well, until sauce cooked and dry.

– “Don’t throw the juice out as it tastes prawns!”

I challenge you to try it. He made it here as well, with prawns bought from the Belfast Saint George’s market but declared himself unsatisfied with the taste. Nothing taste the same as in Greece, phisika :-)!


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  1. This looks and sounds delicious! OH doesn’t like seafood so I rarely have it – but he never bought me an anniversary present so I think I am allowed a treat 😉

  2. suzanne3childrenandit says

    This looks delicious! We all love pasta here but I’ve never thought to put prawns with it and they go so well with a tomato-based sauce don’t they?

  3. novagirl291 says

    I’m not sure I could eat prawns with the heads still on! Sounds yummy though.

  4. That sauce sounds amazing! I wish I could cook like this…and just have the patience to spend so long making beautiful food – it’s a brilliant skill!

  5. This sounds amazing! we rarely eat prawns because they freak my husband out but now you’ve made me want some. I love the fresh prawns you get abroad on islands or market towns by the sea. x

  6. Sarah says

    Oh gosh this sounds delicious ❤ I do love a nice prawn dish. x

  7. My mom would love this dish. I can’t eat prawns (because they are scary) but love pasta dishes.

  8. savvywendy says

    That sounds delicious. Prawns and Pasta my 2 favourite foods, will definitely have to try this thanks x

  9. We have those bowls!! I am afraid this is a recipe we won’t be trying as I am allergic to shell fish

  10. Oh, that looks amazing. It sounds like the Greeks are like the French when it comes to food too! I’d love to try this out, especially as Hubs seems to be over his prawn allergy now 🙂

  11. Not a prawn person, but love the sound of this and the use of spices, so may give it a go and substitute white fish for the prawns. Honey and cinammon…sounds yummy. #TastyTuesdays.

  12. Love a prawn pasta and we often pop some feta on top too! Prawn saganaki pasta! Ha! Thanks for linking up this tasty dish to #tastytuesdays

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