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42 Days of Summer

So BritMums launched this challenge at the beginning of the summer. How do you fill your days during the summer, how do you entertain your little ones?

Here is 42 ideas:

1. Go out cycling.

2. Blow bubbles. Inside or outside. Doesn’t matter as long as you spread a towel on the slippery floor to make the activity safe.

My sweet Georgie loved bubbles.

                                                                                                                                                  My sweet Georgie loved bubbles.

3. Go for a walk to the beach.

4. Go swimming. Indoor or in the sea, weather permitting.

5. Make a scrap book with pictures and activities you do over the summer as a memory for when they are all grown up.

6. Sleep in late after a movie night in with popcorn and sweets.

7. Build a fort indoors or in the back garden. Chairs and blankets will do.

8. Join a summer class. Emma is big on drama at the moment and although she didn’t get a chance to do any classes this summer due to our circumstances, she will start in September.

9. Go fruit picking, if you have where.

10. Go to an local farm, buy organic eggs and make scrambled eggs for lunch.

11. Go to an open air market, encourage the children to pick new fruit and try them all in a fruit salad when back at home.

12. Join a church summer club. Or more :-). Our local churches have a rota over the summer and the children get to be entertained every week by a new and exciting summer club.

13. Make ice lollies. Or fruit lollies, the healthy version.

14. Take a walk in a local park or forest and observe the nature together.

15. Take pictures of new things. It encourages creativity and makes for hilarious pics.

16. Go to a kids’ cinema show. They are cheap and a fun way to pass the morning.

17. Make summer paper plate crafts: the sea, the sun, anything summery to brighten a dull day spent indoors.

18. Give their room a good tidy up with them helping.

19. Encourage the children to get their rooms ready for school by throwing out/donating/passing on things they no longer need/have grown out of.

20. Join the reading scheme in the local library and do a reading challenge.

21. Play in muddy puddles on a rainy and miserable day.

22. Let the kids loose with chalk. Provide a board for indoor creations and a safe path for outdoors.

23. Syringe painting. Emma had loads of fun doing this in the children’s hospice.

24. Take a trip to Home Bargains, give the kids a low budget of a few pounds and see how much they can buy in the arts and crafts section.

25. Paint everybody’s nails.

26. Play a board game.

27. Get the baby swimming pool out and let them splash around. Add bubble bath for chaos.

28. Download Netflix. I was so late with this, I still resent myself the lost weeks, LOL.

29. Camp, indoors or outdoors.

30. Make jam or just bake together.

31. Shaving foam in the bath tub, if you are really struggling for ideas 🙂

32. Collect sticks, stones or shells, depending on location. I “forgot” our stone collection in Greece.

33. Build sand castles.

34. Water balloon fight. Shall I say more?

35. Do a sponsored charity walk for a charity of their choice. Teaches them compassion.

36. Watch at least a serious movie that teaches the children that the world can be a sad place.

37. Talk about life. Answer honestly when they ask serious questions.

38. Sleepovers. For both you and your littles. Ideally at the same time 🙂

39. Visit a butterfly farm.

40. Have a dress up day. Morning to bedtime. Including yourself 🙂

41. Make a bird house. Or a bird feeder.

42. Have a picnic indoors and let them make a mess in the living room.

This post is an entry for 42 Days of Summer Linky Challenge sponsored by McVitie’s BN. We were sent biscuits to sample, tough job :-). Learn more at

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