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31 Days of Grief: Heart

The prompt from Capture Your Grief today is heart. Who do I carry in my heart?

I carry the unfulfilled potential of a sister-brother relationship, like the one portrayed below. Emma loved Georgie so much and had waited so patiently for his arrival. Georgie was intrigued and admiring of his big sister.

10714816_10152262657891512_926948243_nThe way I imagine their relationship would have developed of leukaemia hadn’t robbed us of our precious baby boy?

Emma is like wild fire, just like her mummy, at heart. Georgie was tranquil and patient. He would have balanced her emotions beautifully.

Emma appears very confident but has a lot of fears at the moment. Georgie would have been the silent but always there companion for her, following her everywhere and giving her, by his simple presence, the courage boost she needs. A silent encourager.

Emma huffs when she wants to get something. Georgie’s approach was smoother, he always got what he wanted with a smile.

I have only a few pictures of them together but this one is my favourite and portrays what I think would have been their sibling balance: Emma huffing, Georgie taking everything easy. Emma spent emotionally, Georgie trying to cheer her up.

10645319_10152266474856512_234619470850975240_nI miss you, baby boy. In a million ways.

The way you would have been a brilliant wee brother is one of them.

Love you to the heavens and back, sweet face.


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Mum to one beautiful girl on earth and one sweet baby boy in heaven. Privileged carer. Encourager and friend.


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  2. Kerry says

    Oana, your children are so very beautiful. And your writing is powerful and fearless, a challenge and a blessing. Thank you x

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