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31 Days of Grief: Journal

“Dear Mummy and Daddy,

I have so many things to tell you, I don’t even know where to start.

First of all, let me start by saying thank you!

Thank you for giving me a chance to experience the wonder of life on earth.

Yes, I know that you feel so very sad that you couldn’t have kept me longer and I know you would have given everything to have made me well, even your very own lives.

But let me tell you, the things you did for me, the love you poured continuously and sacrificially into my life, they were so powerful and strong and make up in quality for the time you think we should have been given. I know I was and am loved. Without any shadow of a doubt. What a precious, precious gift to hold on to, until I will see you again!

I know that you both struggle for answers. If you were here, seeing what I see and feeling what I feel, you would realise that these answers you pursue form not the essence nor the substance of life. Comprehension does not replace compassion nor love. You have the latter, in abundance, and one day you will understand with your hearts that these are the essential things.

I miss you both, of course I do. I am a soul but I was also a human being and that part of me will never be obliterated into forgetfulness. I did not get a chance to get old so my memories of you will always and forever stay fresh and beautiful.

I know that you knew me deeply, you knew who I really was. The pain did this for you, my pain. It took away all complacency and nothing we had was ever taken for granted.

And I do know you grieve so deeply the potential of what I could have become on earth.

But, mummy and daddy, I am fulfilled and I have fully reached my true potential here, where I am. The things I was really created for doing, I do! The person I was really created to be, I am!

I love you and Emma very much. I love to see how you have included me in your lives, even after my departure. I love the efforts you are putting into building me an earthly legacy. I love the way you keep me alive, in pictures and flowers and conversations. In land searches. In every thought and dream you have.

I will be watching over you. I am your guardian. The name Emma chose for me was not an accident nor a coincidence but it was the name I was destined to wear into everlasting. As you know so well, I loved (and still love) nature and everything (and everybody) around me. My love for you, my family, and for my Creator is solid and dependable. I was destined to be a George from my very first cell and into eternity.

I have received all your messages. Your tears, your whispered prayers, your longing, your balloons and soap bubbles.

And I am sending you thousands of kisses and hugs back; I am with you in the flutter of a butterfly, in the dance of a solitary snowflake, in the sweet smell of hot chocolate, in the caress of a song. In the fierceness of the storm, in the piercing coldness of the rain, in the heat of the summer sun.

I will be waiting for you by the gate.And cover you with kisses.

But until the time comes, please live for me and let me live in you. In your good deeds. In your love for each other and for the lonely. In the solitude of your sorrow and the quietness of your soul. Please live!

Love, Georgie.”



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