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31 Days of Grief: In Memory

Since Georgie died I have felt the need to empathise more with people and their suffering. This need was overwhelming in the beginning and I had to learn to pace myself and realise that no matter how much I would love to help everyone and with every need, I can’t.

But the few concrete things I did in memory of Georgie were:

1. Raising awareness among friends and blog readers and getting the swab test sent out in order to get on the register. Georgie’s form of cancer was very aggressive and unfortunately he didn’t even make it to the stage when he would have needed a bone marrow transplant. But other children and adults suffering from leukeamia do. I would be floored and totally honoured if I get matched up with a person in need. It would be the most fantastic legacy I could leave in Georgie’s name.

2. Making myself transparent and vulnerable through my blog and my writing in order to encourage others to live a life true to themselves.

3. Opened a bank account with Alex and through his generosity and understanding, inspired by one of the books I read after Georgie’s passing. We call it “the love account”, it has at the moment a small overflow of cash I can use when I see a financial need I feel I need to address in friends or strangers’ lives. All in our special boy’s name.

10364056_10152023112966512_1808747011739674804_nAlthough he was little, he left a huge mark and a big gap in our lives. Although he be but little, our love for him continues to be fierce and fuel our lives and our giving.

Live on in our hearts and in our love for others, little man, live on!

So proud of you and the courageous way you lived, my boy!

Mama loves you. Now and forever more.


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Mum to one beautiful girl on earth and one sweet baby boy in heaven. Privileged carer. Encourager and friend.


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  2. Rachael says

    You are such a beautiful shining example coming from something so cruel. Love & hugs x

    • Thank you for reading. It makes the whole blogging thing worthwhile, knowing that people get to know about my baby boy.xx

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