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Questions and Answers(Meme)

Jen, the lovely mummy behind the Smiles and Trials blog tagged me last night for this meme.

I have been dragging my feet,blogging wise, and I decided taking part in this challenge would be a nice way to shake some dust off my writing tools.

QAHere are the questions the meme challenged us to answer. Please show grace as you read through my answers.

1. What was the last thing that made you cry?

For a long time, I kept putting off sorting out the picture frames I have for the living room for Georgie’s pictures. Last night I managed to start the job but came across a picture of Georgie days before he died. I cried. Silently. With my back to Emma, who remained blissfully unaware of my struggle and continued to watch Frozen. The living room has been her den and her retreat during the very hard months before Georgie’s diagnosis and I didn’t want her to come to associate it with pain. So I cried silently for my boy while my girl carried on with her life. What else could I do?

DSC_02502. Finish this sentence…”Never have I ever…”

…taken drugs. I couldn’t come up with anything else, mental block, I am sure there is tons of other things I haven’t done yet but can’t think of any.

3. Would you rather fight one elephant sized gerbil, or 1000 gerbil sized elephants? Why?

Oooh, I think I would take the thousand small ones and come up with a plan to contain them, in smaller numbers(traps, boxes, nets…etc). With a big one, I would struggle to come up with a plan to keep it at bay. Although the thought of a giant mouse makes me smile as I try to imagine myself fighting it 🙂

4. If you had £50 to spend on something JUST for you, on what would you spend it?

I would probably buy something nice in Cath Kidston. Or a meal and a pavlova in Avoca. Or save it to buy a Nutribullet for Christmas.

5. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen somebody do?

Oh, I don’t want to make fun of my father in law but we went on a cruise a few years ago. An all inclusive cruise. He had been through the war and was left with the “saving” mentality. You would have always found a slice or something in his pockets at any point during the day and he would have made you finish your breakfast before you left the table, so food didn’t go to waste. And he harassed the waiters with the “where does all this food go?” at the end of a meal. It took some adjusting :-).

6. If you could have one superhero’s powers, what would you choose?

I would choose Jesus’ powers.

Maybe Jesus is not the typical choice of a hero but He had some super-envied powers by a mummy who has lost her baby son.

I would choose bringing people back from the dead, healing or going back in the past.

For obvious reasons.

So that I can make my son better, spare him the agony he had to suffer or bring him back to a healthy life.

If only I could have…

7. What would be the first sentence of a book about your life?

“I am a normal, usual human being who has seen and lived some serious shit in her life.”

That means, as you can tell, that pain has come to define me and my life. I hope one day the pain will give it sense as well but for now, I can’t see very far…

This is me finished.

I nominate Ally from Messed Up Mum, Debs from Super Busy Mum and Melanie from A Bit of Mel Time.

Get writing, girls!

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Mum to one beautiful girl on earth and one sweet baby boy in heaven. Privileged carer. Encourager and friend.


      • His name is Charlie. 🙂 He had a form of congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension, so his lungs were sick, but he was the sweetest, sweetest baby. He wasnt supposed to go, but he got sick fast this last time, and it was too much for him. Charlie was 6 1/2 months old- born on April 10. What about Georgie?

      • My Georgie was five and a half months when he passed away in July. Leukaemia. He was such a smiler and such a kind spirit. Hugs to you.xx

  1. I love how raw and honestly you are. I can’t wait to meet you, I’m to to give you a hug to show you just how much I truly admire you. You have become one of my favourite people, your kindness, strength and love is overwhelming.
    Thank you for the tag,
    Your friend xx

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