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On the first day of Christmas…

“On the first day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
A Partridge in a Pear Tree.”

45 days to Christmas, hard to believe, isn’t it, where has this year flown?

Today marks the beginning  of my blog’s Christmas advent calendar of posts and my invitation to share in the anticipation: the next month and a half will delight my readers with a variety of reviews of beautiful products and Christmas gift inspiration.

Of course, for us as a bereaved family, this Christmas will be very difficult as it will be the first one without our Georgie. But I am trying very hard and making a conscious effort to see the beauty in this season, despite the anticipated pain. For Emma’s sake, most importantly. And for us, as a couple, as this could be a time to recharge and grow closer if we prepare wisely for it.

Preparation, per definition, is “the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration”, “something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.” It is the conscious mental and/or physical effort to anticipate and await readily for the future to unfold.

And I do not want to anticipate only pain, although pain will definitely be part of the season. I want to prepare for Christmas with joy, I want to, as the L’Occitane en Province video below puts it so well, “dance my way into the holiday season.”

A dance of celebration for the life that still is in me. A dance of celebration of the good things that can still happen to us as a family. A dance of hope for the future, the short and the long-term future.
So if, like me, you will be intently and consciously be making an effort to enjoy this year’s Christmas celebrations, why not try a little something different this year? Instead of spoiling everybody else around you, and putting yourself last like always, why don’t you head to the magical L’Occitane online Christmas store and choose a gift for yourself?
This is my challenge for you and for myself.
I picked the Relaxing Lavender Collection because I love lavender and I do feel it would do me a world of good, taking some time to myself to soak and relax. And if you love a bargain like me, you would be delighted to learn it has been reduced to £45.50 from £66.50!
What would you choose from their beautiful collection and why, please do let me know.

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