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Magic Moments: Our Halloween break in Greece

We were away for our Halloween break to Greece. Emma’s birthday is on the 6th of November and her grandparents and auntie were desperate to see her, especially since last summer they didn’t get the chance, and make memories with her.

The trip was dedicated to Emma. I knew that it would be very taxing on me, emotionally and physically. As a bereaved parent, and so early on in the grieving process, I knew I would not enjoy much as the pain does follow, wherever we are. But I needed Emma to know she is loved and her life is celebrated and brings us joy, even more so after the loss of our precious baby boy.

The relatives went to great lengths to make the trip magical for Emma. Especially her auntie, who lives on a small pension and has known grief as a child herself, having lost her father at a very young age.

So Emma got to:

– meet princess Maria and spend an hour of laughter and fun and magic tricks in her presence

DSC_0636– have her birthday celebrated in style with her grandparents and her auntie and uncle

DSC_0681 – spend quality time with the Greek side of her family and get to know them a little better

DSC_0697– learn about “the Greek history and civilisation” (remember Voula’s dad’s pathos and accent in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding“? That :-)!)

DSC_0723– Learn about and savour fresh fruit, straight from the tree!

DSC_0756DSC_0785– gain a new friend

DSC_0925It was good seeing her so happy. It made us understand that life goes on and in a child’s eyes, as parents we are her life.

And it made the whole week’s experience beautiful, if not raw and painful in so many other ways.

I am linking with Jaime’s Magic Moments, as I have not done it in almost a year!



    • Thank you, it was a lovely break and beautiful to see Emma connecting so well with her Greek family members.xx

  1. my lovely it is so nice to have you back and linking up and taking stock in what is good and needs celebrating!

    I am so pleased that this trip was such a precious one for you all my lovely xxx

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

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