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Jamie Oliver’s carrot cake

I have had a soft spot for Jamie Oliver(the cook!) ever since he ran his TV series on healthy eating. I used to watch him when he had his 30 minute-meal series, back in the day of no kids and plenty of time on my hands…Oh, those were the days…

Anyway, to get back to reality, recently I have gone back to his recipes since I know they are always tasty and foolproof, especially the dessert ones, for a non-gifted baker like moi…

A few weeks back we had dear friends over for dinner and I decided to go for a homemade sweet. I almost always buy my desserts as I have no confidence when it comes to presenting people with my own disasters creations but this time, I felt I could take on Jamie’s carrot cake as it looked simple enough to make and beautiful to present to guests.

I actually managed to make a mess of the instructions and mix things in at the wrong time but, surprise, surprise, the cake turned out moist and fluffy and exactly what a carrot cake should be like! Take a look and judge for yourselves:

1168423_298510813666054_1745956484_nI decided to leave out the almonds and walnuts that Jamie had as an option in his recipe and added only a light sprinkle of Lidl’s ground milled linseed over the beautiful lime and Philadelphia icing.

The cake was rich, filling and full of flavour and satisfied our taste buds, refreshing the palate with its gentle lime hint. Bliss!

Over-confident after my success, I decided to repeat the performance last Saturday but used Flora instead of butter and soft brown sugar instead of the regular I had used the first time. Let’s just say the success didn’t repeat itself and I ended up with an oily, soggy-bottomed cake but tasty, nevertheless. I will definitely use butter next time I make it and the right kind of sugar!

10735039_557090204392527_1899581111_nI am linking my recipe to Vicki’s Tasty Tuesdays linky, step by and have a look at the culinary efforts other mummy bloggers have made this past week.



  1. They look great!
    I didnt know that flora butter will make it look soggy. I also make a cake using flora and turn out to be quite soft. I think they are not for baking! #TastyTuesday

    • I didn’t either but I do suspect it was a combination of Flora and the wrong sugar. I will not risk it next time, just to be on the safe side.xx

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