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Q Pootle 5 Christmas Special DVD…and another giveaway!

Emma LOVES CBeebies still. Yes, she does refer to herself as a “big girl now, mummy!” but some things are still very much in fashion in our household.

So when we were offered the chance to review the Q Pootle 5 Christmas Special DVD, I knew I was onto a winner with Emma and all the other preschoolers or reception year schoolers who would be in for a chance to win their own copy of the DVD!

As expected, Emma wanted so watch it as soon as we opened the mail.

Her honest review?

“it was lovely mummy, it had Santa in it and it was funny and it had no scary bits in it, only joy!”

Sounds like the ideal DVD to me for a small child, don’t you think so?

Her only complaint?

“It was too short, mummy!”

Some facts about the DVD:

1. It launched in the UK yesterday, 17th of November.

2. It is a short (27 minutes) but exclusive, full of good cheer, Christmas episode.

3. For your Q Pootle little fans, a new selection of puzzles and games as well as two picture books from Walker Books have been launched with the DVD, perfect stocking fillers!


Snapper Productions have been very kind to also launch a video featuring the well-loved Q Pootle characters.

In addition to that, we, as a blog, are offering one DVD as a giveaway, a lovely present to all the little CBeebies and Q Pootle fans out there.

All you need to do, in order to be entered in the draw, will be to like our Instagram page and leave a comment here to tell us who will be receiving the DVD in case you won!

Good luck, come back on the 30th of November to check if you won!

Disclaimer: we were offered the DVD for reviewing but the opinions expressed are our own. The giveaway is open for UK residents only.

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  2. Helen Hamilton says

    Sorry I don’t have Instagram 😦 wee pressie for my Kara who’s tucked in bed unwell xx

    • Hi Sharon, congrats, you won the DVD! Could you please pass me your email address so I can let the PR know, they will be the ones sending out your DVD.xx

  3. Why, my baby boy of course! We love this programme (he has no say in it tbh, I love it too much for him to have a choice 😂). My life ambition is to find me a real life Groobie! X

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