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To the parents(not pastors) who have just received devastating news…

Your world has just come undone…

You are numb and shocked and drained and running on adrenaline, all at the same time.

This is not a “judge from afar, express an opinion, pray into it, believe over it” sort of situation anymore.

This is THE real thing.

This is your son heading down a path you’d rather take yourselves, a million times over, than allow him to walk it. If only you had the choice, that is…

You are standing by his side, feeling helpless and useless and small.

I know how it feels. I so do…

And I do feel sorry for you both as on top of your personal anguish you will have to face the public opinion. There are thousands of pairs of eyes fixed on you now. I wish I could say to you that what is behind them is all compassion and love and support.

But I would lie to you.

Some of them will but some of them won’t.

Some of them will judge you by the outcome of this fight. This is not even your fight, but they will still do.

They will judge your character. Your integrity. Your passion for God. Your walk with God. Your dedication. Your truthfulness.

They will be chasing Chimeras. They will be chasing “miracles.”

They will be pushing you to feel a certain way. To pray in a certain “faithful” way. To be a certain way.

This will be the greatest “doing” of you, of who you truly are. You will be forever changed by this experience, in so many ways and unfortunately some, in ways you wouldn’t have wished nor expected.

You have a fight ahead of you. Unfair, bloody, cruel, painful.

All you will have left by the end of it will be you. A new you.

A starker, more real, more you than you you.

I wish I could say to you that there will be a miracle. I wish with all my heart that there will be a miracle for you.

But, and listen to me now, the only real miracle that you will get to witness for sure (and this I can guarantee 100%, only this can be guaranteed) throughout this experience will be the emergence of the chrysalis of reality.

The ministry of real instead of the ministry of…whatever it has been before.

Take heart. Seek support from the ones who have fought the battle. Surround yourselves with cushions of previous pain and personal experiences, they are the best to have around.

As for the rest, let them choose their own philosophy and way they look at this.

The fighting is being done, the fighters are in the arena and their least concern should be the audience. Their concern should be survival. Nothing more, nothing less.

You will one day understand my words.

Now go and support your son’s fighting.

As ones who have lost much, we are here to say, “take heart.”

Take heart…take heart…take heart…

Much love and concern and care.

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Mum to one beautiful girl on earth and one sweet baby boy in heaven. Privileged carer. Encourager and friend.

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