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Santa Letters

Just like any other five year old, Emma loves Santa. I have blogged about how we introduced Santa in our family and about how we have tried to reconcile the idea of Santa with that of Jesus‘ birthday and celebration. Last year we used this beautiful image I had found online to explain to Emma that Santa doesn’t have to replace Jesus: photoThis year Emma has been asking more questions about Santa and a couple of times she has even asked me if he is real. I feel uncomfortable telling her fibbs so instead I kept saying to her that he is God’s helper and that he is bringing gifts that God has for her. Emma also wrote her first letter to Santa this year, with daddy’s help, asking for a “guitar, my size” and about Georgie’s whereabouts in Heaven. Too sweet!! santa letterThis morning, Santa replied to her letter, via the Lapland Mailroom! Back in October, the elves in Lapland were looking for mummy bloggers to review their Santa letter service and we happily volunteered! Emma received a personalised letter, a “Nice Child Certificate” and an activity pack including a:

  • Colouring in page “Santa Stop Here!”
  • Elf Yourself Activity Sheet
  • Colouring In Christmas Card (wich has been dutifully filled in under dictation and will leave for Emma’s grandparents’ household shortly.)
  • Door Hanger for Emma’s bedroom
  • Colour in Christmas tree decoration

Personal touches, Emma’s best friend gets a mention in the letter too!

photo 4

photo 2 Beautiful graphics, excellent quality both in delivery as in the attention paid to detail.

For all the mummies and daddies out there looking to be Santa’s helpers this year and deliver letters on his behalf, the packs come at £7.95. In our opinion they are a great way to build up the excitement leading up to Christmas and make this period of the year a little more magical!

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  1. Zoi Kontoudi says

    I like the way you explained Emma about Santa, that he doesn’t replace Jesus. Ι liked it so much that i will tell the kids the same story 🙂 Although my son thinks that Santa is his father because last year he dressed Santa Claus. lol
    Tell Emma that her drawing is great and she is such a good kid that santa will definitily will get that guitar.

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