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Fraser Bear’s Snow Story

story1One week ago, the House of Fraser launched a wonderful Christmas competition for children, to celebrate the launch of a toys’ section on their website.

Emma was invited, alongside other lucky mummy bloggers’ children, to come up with an ending to Fraser Bear’s dilemma: explaining to Baby Bear, in very simple terms, what snow is.

We chatted a lot about snow this week, Emma and I, and since the competition gave us the option to either draw the ending or use no more that 200 words for our explanation, we came up with an idea that might solve successfully Fraser Bear’s dilemma.

After much consideration, Emma decided that the best way for Fraser Bear to explain the concept of snow to Baby Bear would be to find as many images of white sugar used in winter culinary creations. Emma thought that for someone who had never seen snow before, comparing it to powder sugar, “only cold”, would be the easiest way to make Baby Bear understand the concept.

Here is our collage “picture”:

Snow-Fraser Bear's storyIn words, here is how the story would go:

““Baby Bear, do you remember the beautiful winter cakes we saw in the shop the other day? The snowman, the North Pole igloo cake and the marshmallow man we made together this afternoon ?”

Baby Bear looked less confused this time and nodded, with a smile of recognition on his little face.

“Do you remember the powder sugar we used to cover the snowman in, once it was all decorated?”

Once again, Baby Bear’s eyes lit up at the sweet memories of cake and time spent together making memories.

“Well, Baby Bear, exclaimed Fraser Bear happily, this is what snow really is: It is like powder sugar, only not so sweet but very cold to the touch and on your tongue.”

Fraser Bear watched Baby Bear’s face scrunch up for a few seconds and then, the realisation of what snow is making its way on Baby Bear’s face with a big, wide grin:
“Cold sugar…yum, yum!”

Fraser Bear smiled at his little brother:
“Yes, Baby Bear, snow is something like cold sugar, indeed!”

Disclaimer: This is our blogger entry to the House of Fraser snow story competition. We were not rewarded financially for writing this post and Emma and I found putting our entry together a wonderful opportunity to work as a team on a winter project. Emma was invited to choose a toy from the comprehensive toy selection on the website.

If we win the competition, and the £250 voucher to spend in store, we will use it to update Emma’s room to suit her school age. We will most likely invest in a desk for her to use to do her homework at and have it as her own creative space for beautiful, artsy handiwork.

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