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House of Fraser: A Review

When House of Fraser approaches us for a second time with the opportunity to review some of the children’s toys on their website, I jumped for joy.

We first worked with House of Fraser at Christmas, when the toys’ section was launched on the website and we had loads of fun creating our Fraser Bear snow story.

We knew they would be reliable, prompt in delivering the toys and very courteous, just like they were at Christmas.

Who in their right mind would not like to work with such a lovely company!

We were allowed to choose and we were sent the most wonderful Disney Lego, of Rapunzel and her tall tower, to Emma’s complete delight!

I_5702015124621_50_20140228We were getting ready to leave for Greece and we made it clear that our review would be written from abroad. The lovely people in charge of PR still agreed to send it to us, all in good time and with tracked mail too, to ensure safe arrival.

Emma is five and a half and as any child with no siblings in the house, needs constant entertainment and interaction.

I was as glad as Emma was to be able to bring our Disney Lego along, knowing that building it would make an engaging and stimulating activity and will mean hours of uninterrupted play.

As soon as we landed in Greece and made ourselves comfortable once again in the apartment, Emma wanted to start putting her Rapunzel tower together.

We love Lego and have loads in the house but the Rapunzel tower is probably her tallest construction so far (we have Anna and Elsa’s palace at home Ariel’s underwater kingdom and Merida’s castle and we can’t wait to return to Northern Ireland with the new addition and create an all princess Lego land in our living room :-).

Emma is only five and a half but she can now follow Lego instructions and build 6 to 12 easily, due to the very comprehensive and clear pictures that come with the manual.

11822579_10152910584456512_3518639275191551323_nWe are grateful to House of Fraser for choosing to work with our blog again and for the beautiful Rapunzel tower.

We apologize it has taken us so long to put this review up and we hope we will be able to work again with such a customer-friendly brand.

Disclaimer: we were sent the Lego for reviewing purposes. We were not remunerated in any other way. The opinions expressed are our own entirely.


  1. That looks like a fun set. I have to admit I dislike any genderised toys but my youngest son loves Lego friends! I don’t understand why manufacturers need to try and create boy and girl versions of similar toys, child play shouldn’t be categorised in that way.

    • Emma, I hope they will come up with neutral sets soon, I know that there have been several attempts to launch similar things but for some reason, you never see them in stores!xx

    • Sonia, it is a great set and reasonably priced, in my opinion. Lego is a favourite with us at the moment and we are building a very impressive collection of castles and royal abodes, lol.xx

  2. bavariansojourn says

    You can see how much Emma loves it from that lovely picture. Can’t beat Lego, it’s such a great toy! 🙂

    • Indeed, Emma, I don’t think Lego will ever go out of fashion here, she will probably pack them up in the attic as a teenager and keep them for her own kids, lol!xx

    • Duplo is great for starters. They will show you when they are ready for the next stage, I recommend large, clear storage boxes for the safety(of your toes, lol!)xx

  3. Sarah says

    What great fun – this looks like such a lovely thing to build and she obviously thinks so too!

  4. I LOVE Lego and have actually just been building some myself! I love the look of this set and what a great theme for Lego, Rapunzle! Brilliant!

  5. It’s a little girly for my son, but I think he’d be tempted to play if it was put in front of him because he is such a Lego fan.

    • Flynn is there too, Erica and I think your son would not mind playing climb the tall tower with him, for sure!xx

  6. karaguppy2015 says

    Eliza would adore this – we only have boy lego at the moment, but something girly would make her day

  7. My little man is Lego mad! He’s adament he’s ready for the proper stuff but I am still convincing him he needs DUPLO hehe x

    • Exactly, Jen, and I do not think they are too badly priced for what you are getting in quality ans durability of play, as you say.xx

  8. Well done Emma, it looks like great fun and i love the colours of the set! My husband was lego mad as a child (and still is) and as a result we have boxes of it stored in the attic for when our children are older. We managed to get a massive box of duplo at the weekend, at a 2nd hand children’s sale. It contains 15 large sets and lots of other spare bits, not bad for £15. And good to start my 3 year old off with!

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