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I sat there, in silence,

remembering the silence we shared

two summers ago.

When you were only a grain,

in my pregnant belly.

I sat there, willing my memory

To go back and find you there,

A squirming little life,

Full of promise and joy.

I sat there, in silence

and I remembered the times,

we shared, just you and me.

Those dark nights at home, when your little bones were sore.

Those long days on the ICU ward,

with only each other

and the beeping machines pumping chemo into your tiny frame

as company.

I sat there, with my precious memories

of you, sweet baby boy,

feeling you close,

so very close

to my very bruised heart.

I sat there, in silence,

and for a split moment in time,

our love

managed to transcend death and space and time,

and we were together,

once again.



  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says

    You express so much in so few words; my eyes leak as I wish you could touch in person and memory both.

  2. So beautiful, so heartbreaking Oana. You write so well, i hope it brings you a small amount of consolation. Hugs xx

    • It does, Emma, it does. More often than not, this is the only way to remove that heavy burden, called grief, lift off my chest. Writing is my therapy, my catharsis.xx

  3. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    Such a beautiful post Oana, and one that I so wish you didn’t have to write x x

  4. Such beautiful words and a beautiful picture of the two of you. Georgie looks so much like you in this photo Oana xxxx

    • I love this picture so much, Helen, I remember the morning we took it, so full of hope for the future!xx

  5. You write so beautifully, I have tears in my eyes. I read in a reply to another comment that writing brings you a little solace and I’m glad, it must be so tough.

  6. karaguppy2015 says

    Sending all our love Oana. He is such a gorgeous little boy and will always be remembered xx

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